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Soft Skills Training

Professionals these days spend most of their time at work -- in office interacting with colleagues or outside -- meeting business associates.

Opportunities like promotions, travel or a new line of career altogether, come to you largely based on how you present yourself and how well you interact with others, in addition to your performance of course.

Given the circumstances, should you not be prepared to put your best foot forward?

Our comprehensive "Soft Skills" program helps you do exactly that and much more! You'll be trained to expertly deal with official interactions like business presentations, corporate meetings or even a dinner with your prospective client. Not just that, you'll also get better at your day-to-day activities, both at work and home. You'll also improve several life skills like time-management and leadership among others.

We passionately pursue excellence in our training methodologies to ensure that each of our learners accomplishes his/her goals and ascends the corporate ladder with confidence and ease. Our approach is holistic and our trainers are committed to ensuring that you get nothing but the best. We also have follow-ups and mentorship sessions to help you polish your skills from time to time.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the program, most learners are able to:
Image Consulting
The definition of image consulting has broadened beyond “makeovers” to include behaviour, civility and etiquette, body language, interview skills, communication, presentation, and personal branding. All these qualities have become an integral part of a person's identity and go a long way in the ‘make or break’ of a person's success.

The competition is fierce as a plethora of highly qualified candidates seek new jobs and need to differentiate themselves from the competition. Personal and professional development skills become critical in such a climate.

Our course is designed to equip you to impart these essentials skills with excellence and efficiency. The Advanced portion of the course provides simple, effective and proven methodologies that enable you to hold seminars on image management, professional presence, nonverbal communication and business protocol, therefore expanding your possibility to offer services of added value to your current and future clients.

You will work with clients’ visual, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, their vision for themselves and learn how to help them project a confident persona to the world.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the program, most learners are able to:
Trading and Investment Consulting
We, at Currentree, have a simple objective: We want to help you take guided investment decisions in order to make the most of your money and maximize your profits.

If you've considered trying your hands at trading or getting a better understanding of the market scenario, look no further. With our trading program, you can now get a full range of financial training courses, all based on price action trading. So whether you are interested in trading futures markets, commodities, or day trading the FX currency markets, we can guide you on how to trade consistently and profitably.

We believe that our program equips you with the right kind of skills and know-how about trading. Not just that, we pride ourselves in providing the best after-course support where you'll be mentored and trained with regular follow-up sessions.

Irrespective of whether you're a seasoned trader or a novice in understanding markets, we strongly believe our program will benefit you greatly. Our course is just the beginning of the journey for you. With the bulls and bears coming head to head every day, we could all do with a bit of expert guidance on the subject!

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the program, most learners are able to:
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As trainers they bring in a wealth of conceptual knowledge entwined with their own professional experiences. The training courses are very informative and are delivered in a witty and energetic manner.
The learning needs of the participants are kept in focus, and they are kept involved by
interactive discussions and queries. – Chaitra

Thanks for all the signals you are sending, i made some profits and now looking to make some more. Good trading, nice strategy. Low risk. ;) - Gerard

“I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Currentree and team. They helped us organize and better manage our promotional event.” –Satish
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